'The Soul Stealer' Is Available Starting April 26

I’m excited to announce that the ebook version of The Soul Stealer will be available for sale on Amazon—and to read on Kindle Unlimited—starting Friday, April 26!

I haven’t done a pre-order before, and I decided not to do one for this book. It’s also going to take me longer to get the paperback version out, so stay tuned on that.

This is the fifth, and final, book of The Geomancer’s Apprentice series. I’ll say more about that in the coming days.

In the meantime, here’s an excerpt to whet your appetite. The photo below shows the famous Washington, D.C., neighborhood in which the scene takes place. Can you guess where it is?


Something landed on the lid of a garbage can with a fleshy thud. Joe blinked. Beside him, Junie nudged her glasses higher. The newcomer was jet-black, with glowing red eyes. It blended so well with the dark that Joe couldn’t easily gauge its size or its shape. It smelled worse than the alley.

The creature jumped off the can. They held their breaths as the black mound inched closer. It paused just shy of the streetlamp’s cone of light. The eerie eyes blinked. Without warning, the thing darted forward. Its mouth closed on the trap’s steel mesh. Metal clinked against cement as it dragged the cage into the shadows.

“Screw this.” Junie dropped the staff and grabbed the large trash bag in which Joe had transported the trap. She sprang to her feet and rushed at the creature, holding the bag in front of her. The thing released the trap and scurried between two garbage cans.

Joe winced when she knocked over the cans in her effort to corral the creature. The metal bins made an awful racket when they tipped over and spilled their contents. The creature ran out into the alley, giving Joe his first good look at it.


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