⭐ Review Criteria

Do I always award five stars?     

First of all, I don’t write a review for every book that I read. Some books, including those by very popular authors, have so many reviews that I don’t feel mine would add anything new. In that case, I won’t write a review unless I have something particularly interesting to say.

If I choose to include one of my reviews in my blog, it’s probably because I liked the book or found it especially memorable. The book also has to fit within the blog's themes of fantasy, horror and folklore.

If I hated a book or didn’t finish it, in most cases I would forego a review. It’s hard enough to succeed in the writing business, and I wouldn’t want to hurt the author with a rough assessment. I also recognize that I am sometimes not the right audience for a book. With that said, the lowest I'll go is three stars. To date, I’ve only awarded five and four stars.

When I review, I consider these issues:

  1. Overall impression
  2. Writing
  3. Plot and premise
  4. Character development
  5. Editing and formatting

I usually leave my reviews on Amazon and Goodreads.


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