Book Review: 'Bringing Home the Rain' by Bob McGough

Five stars: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

I’m totally enchanted by protagonist Howard Marsh. I mean, this man is seriously flawed. He’s a down-and-out addict who lives in a storage container and is well-known to the police. He calls himself a methgician and ekes out a petty life doing small jobs with the magic that runs in his family.

Marsh manages to redeem himself, however, through surprising acts of kindness and sacrifice.

In Marsh, author Bob McGough has crafted a complex and interesting character. You want to hate him, but you also love him. This character will stay with me.

I also love the rural lore, and the beauty that McGough brings out in the dirt roads and ramshackle buildings of Jubal County.

This first book of the series has the protagonist engaged in two separate jobs. Both adventures are well-written and engaging. I especially liked the second story because it shows more facets of Marsh’s character.

I highly recommend this book.


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