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Netflix’s 'Rebel Moon': A Movie in Search of a Soul

I liked Netflix's  Rebel Moon , but I found the story only so-so. The tropes and archetypes could have been lifted from any fantasy (which isn’t necessarily a bad thing). Here you have an evil empire, an innocent village, a brave, disillusioned warrior, a villainous villain, a quest to seek out heroes and defenders. The writing is clunky in parts. Everything is too pat. The movie’s concepts and aesthetics also are heavily reminiscent of those from popular sci-fi films, shows and games such as Dune   (2021),  Firefly  (2002-2003),  Star Wars   (1977),  Mad Max  (starting from 1981's The Road Warrior ) and Warhammer . I didn’t get to know any of the main characters, and I didn’t particularly care for any of them. Which is a pity because any good story needs a heart and a soul. Perhaps Rebel Moon, Part 2 , coming in April, will tell us more about their back stories. I’m also interested to see what happens with Jimmy, a sentient machine whom I found the most sympathetic of the cast

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