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Fantastic May Giveaway of 30 Urban Fantasy Books

I'm participating in a fantastic book giveaway on Facebook. During the entire month of May, you'll get the chance to win a free book from 30 urban fantasy authors! Come join the fun and support us if you're on Facebook. I guarantee you'll find great new authors and wonderful new reads. The participating authors are named in the graphic above.  If you're interested, head on over to my Facebook author page,  Yin Leong Writes .  I'll be posting every day starting tomorrow about the featured author and his or her book.  I'll be the featured author on May 19. I'm giving away two paperbacks of  The Geomancer's Apprentice   and some swag .  See you on Facebook 😀

'The Four Perils' Now Available as Ebooks and on Kindle Unlimited

The Four Perils is now available as an ebook and on Kindle Unlimited! The process of releasing through Amazon went faster than I expected. Click here to find the book on Amazon. The print version will take a little longer (I’m anticipating early May) because it takes longer to lay the book out and to get proof copies. I wanted to release the ebook as soon as possible because that’s the most popular format for my readers. As with the earlier books, there will be short write-ups about a few of the topics featured in the book, such as: what are the Four Perils anyway? You’ll be able to find the write-ups on my author website , in the column on the right, in the coming days. I hope you enjoy The Four Perils !  ********** The blurb on Amazon: Where one door closes, another opens … Underdog geomancers Joe Tham and Junie Soong face their strangest mystery yet: why are ghosts in Washington, D.C., suddenly turning violent? And what’s reanimating the dead animals in the area? Junie is

'The Four Perils' Releases April 27!

Junie and Joe’s latest adventure, The Four Perils , will be available April 27 on Amazon in ebook format, and for Kindle Unlimited subscribers. The paperback books will be available in May. For those of you who’ve been waiting, thank you so much for your patience. Here’s an advance peek at the blurb for The Four Perils : ********** Where one door closes, another opens … Underdog geomancers Joe Tham and Junie Soong face their strangest mystery yet: why are ghosts in Washington, D.C., suddenly turning violent? And what’s reanimating the dead animals in the area? Junie is adjusting to life without Noah and her trusty wooden sword. She trains hard at her fighting and she unlocks her latent magical abilities with help from the Golden Dragon’s journals. Just in time. The new cases will stretch her strength, skills, and ingenuity. And as the feng shui consultants delve deeper into the problem, they find a conspiracy that may unleash an event of cataclysmic proportions not just for D.C

A New Snippet From 'The Four Perils'

Here’s a new snippet from The Four Perils , the soon-to-be-released fourth book in The Geomancer’s Apprentice series. ************* The path was narrow and unlit. The tall bushes crowding in on both sides made it look like a tunnel. She shone her beam in—nothing moved in the bright glare. She steeled herself before stepping onto the path. She swept her flashlight from side to side. She took another step, then another. Without warning, something rushed at her from the bushes to her left. She felt a burst of pain as it brushed past her legs . She swung her flashlight down ward, but the thing had disappeared into the boxwood . She winced and examined her hurt leg. She was bleeding under a ragged tear in her pants. While her light was on her leg, she sensed movement a few feet ahead of her. She quickly raised her flashlight. ******* Catch up with the series before The Four Perils arrives!

A Second Snippet From 'The Four Perils'

As I continue to prepare The Four Perils for release, please enjoy another snippet from the book. There’ll be more coming, so stay tuned! ************** Something was moving in the bathroom. The sound was soft, sneaky, as though that something didn’t want him to know it was there. He stood rooted to the spot, so cold it was like he had ice water for blood. His heart almost jumped out of his chest when the weeping started. Self-preservation kicked in, freeing his limbs. He was scared to death that he had to run past the bathroom to get outside. He didn’t have a choice, though. It was either that, or stay and see what came out. He headed for the exit. As he hurried past the bathroom, he spied a shadow moving just beyond the half-open door. Randall acted purely on instinct. His hand shot out. He grabbed the handle and pulled the bathroom door shut just as something on the other side tried to pull it open. The handle twisted violently in his hand. ***** Catch up with the series

The Asian Myth of the Queen of the Night Cactus

I couldn’t resist buying this little Easter cactus. I’ve never seen blooms this color on these plants. Aren’t the flowers pretty? I’ve got a thing about Easter and Christmas cacti because they remind me of a very special plant in Asia. It’s the “tan hua” or “keng hua” (in Hokkien, a southern Chinese dialect). The plant is a night-blooming cereus (epiphyllum oxypetalum) also known as Dutchman’s Pipe or Queen of the Night. You may have seen a reference to the plant in Kevin Kwan’s book, Crazy Rich Asians , or the movie . The main character’s future in-laws throw a party to celebrate the blooming of their tan hua. Epiphyllum Oxypetalum The tan hua has blossoms that can grow up to 6 inches across. The white flowers have a very heady scent (the better to attract moths and other pollinators). The flowers bloom only at night, and they last just for that night. The plant is special not only because its flowers are so beautiful. Some people believe your household will have good luck and pro