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Movies That Best Capture the Halloween Spirit

Gold- and flame-hued trees. The swish of leaves underfoot. Misty mornings and crisp afternoons. The smell of wood smoke in the air. A nip in the breeze. The days grow short and Halloween draws nigh. Sadly, the coronavirus has made this year scarier than most. The pandemic also has robbed Halloween of many of its comforting rituals. While pumpkin carving and decorating the yard are still okay, it’s probably not safe for the kids to go trick-or-treating. Corn mazes are limiting their visitors. Most haunted houses are shuttered, and many Halloween events have been canceled. Although you can still wear a costume (and there’s no better time for a mask), it’s a bad idea to host or attend large parties. But why forgo your frights? You can experience all Halloween has to offer from the safety of your couch. I’ve compiled, in no particular order, a list of 10 movies (technically 11, but who’s counting?) that I find most evocative of a quintessential American Halloween. My list isn’t meant to

"The School Nurse Files": Goofy but Fun

I just binge-watched Netflix’s “The School Nurse Files.” The South Korean horror/comedy series revolves around a nurse at a high school who battles against negative energies that are preying on the students.  Spoiler alert: the school was built over an old pond in which many people committed suicide. The energies seeping out of the pond sometimes look like jelly, or take on creature- and plant-like forms. The nurse is the only one who can see the energies. She destroys them with the help of a toy sword and a BB gun that shoots green, plastic BBs. Photo: Based on the trailer, I expected the series to be juvenile and silly. It turned out to be surprisingly watchable, with quality production and special effects. It had the campy feel of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" with manga overtones. The first episode ended in a cliffhanger where students are about to be sucked down the throat of a gigantic, mutant toad. Of course I had to keep watching after that. The actors were