Deleted Scene From Forthcoming 'Soul Stealer' Now Available to Download

I’m pleased to announce that my newsletter subscribers may now access a deleted scene from The Soul Stealer, the forthcoming fifth and final book of The Geomancer’s Apprentice series.

This is the first time ever that I’m releasing a deleted scene from one of my books.

I cut these two chapters from The Soul Stealer because they were too tangential to the main plot.

The chapters feature one of Joe and Junie’s side missions. It’s kind of apt that this particular adventure ended up on the cutting room floor, since it takes place in a movie theater.

If I needed a title for it, I guess I can call it “A Night at the Cinema” …

Here’s the blurb:


Junie Soong and Joe Tham are called to an old movie theater. The new owner wants to redevelop the building, but she can’t do much until the ghost in it is made to leave.

This should be an easy job, except … things are never that easy for our underdog feng shui experts.


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