Here Be Dragons ...

So … I’ve been posting a lot about dragons because it’s the Lunar Year of the Dragon.

Some of you may be wondering: if dragons are so significant to Chinese culture, where the heck are the dragons in my Geomancer’s Apprentice series? I mean, dragons adorn every Chinese temple and most anything cool in China, including bags of rice, right?

Okay, I confess there is no Mushu (the Eddie Murphy dragon in Mulan) or Game of Thrones-type dragons in my books.

Instead, my main character Junie Soong IS the dragon.

No, she’s not a shape-shifter. Hear me out on this ...

Remember that in the East, dragons are seen as benevolent divine beings. In the Geomancer books, Junie has the ability to harness qi, the earth’s vital energy. Her predecessors called themselves Dragon warriors because they saw themselves as forces for good, like the dragons of the East.

In addition, dragon lines (ley lines or pathways of energy in feng shui terms) play a key role in the books, especially when they intersect.

So, you see, my series is FULL of dragons.


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