Nicholas Cage Is a Hoot in 'Renfield'

I saw the movie Renfield (2023) last night.

The movie’s premise is pretty good, and solid urban fantasy. Count Dracula and his minion Renfield have moved to New Orleans. While Dracula is recovering from his last fight with the Catholic Church and Abraham Van Helsing, Renfield is going to a weekly support group to help him with his unhealthy relationship with the count. At the same time, he continues to supply Dracula with humans. He’s trying to do better by picking only bad dudes.

Mayhem ensues, including over-the-top comic gore, when Renfield kills a drug lord’s assassin.

Nicholas Hoult was good as Renfield, and Awkwafina was great as the potty-mouthed beat cop who’s trying to take down the drug lord.

Nicholas Cage was hilarious as Dracula. The man may be picking some odd roles in his later years, but I have to say he puts his heart and soul into whichever role it is. Kudos.

It’s a funny movie, made even funnier by the immortal Nicholas Cage. 

One quibble: Anyone with a passing familiarity with Bram Stoker’s book knows it is Jonathan Harker who was Dracula’s solicitor. 

The movie conflates the Harker and Renfield characters. Sacrilege!


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