‘Dungeons & Dragons’: A Fun Fantasy

Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves (2023) is entertaining and zany.

I’ve never played the game by the way (please don’t kill me), so I have no idea how closely the movie follows the game.

The story, as with many fantasies, revolves around a quest. A likable thief and his band of misfits set out to recover a magical relic that can bring his dead wife back to life. He also hopes to win back the love of his daughter. Predictably, he and his mates must escape some dicey situations and overcome evil along the way.   

Michelle Rodriguez was hilarious in the role of potato-loving, ass-kicking warrior Holga Kilgore. I also have a soft spot for Sophia Lillis, who did a great job as Doric, a tiefling druid who can shape-shift into various animals (my favorite being the fearsome owlbear).

The special effects were good, the scenery lovely, the writing fun and light. One complaint is that the movie felt kind of long (and at 2 hours, 14 minutes, it might well be). The opening sequence, with the data dump about Edgin, was slightly draggy.

All in all, an enjoyable, lighthearted caper.


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