It's National Joe Day! Meet Joe Tham

Hey, today is National Joe Day! It’s a time to honor all those named Joe (or Josephine, or Joanne) by maybe sharing a cup of Joe with them …

I thought I’d join in the celebrations by introducing Joe Tham, one of my protagonists from The Geomancer’s Apprentice series, to those of you who may not know him: 

Meet Joe Tham, self-proclaimed feng shui master/geomancer. He’s likable enough, with some charm. Not much sense of style, but who has time for that?

He’s felt like a fraud for most of his life because he knows he can’t live up to his father’s reputation. He can’t because he wasn’t born with superpowers.

Fast forward to the present. After many years of struggle, Joe's about to give up on his father's feng shui business when Junie Soong comes to work for him as an apprentice.

Their partnership triggers all kinds of events. First off, they learn she’s meant to be all that Joe isn’t. But she’ll need someone to guide her. They have to learn fast how to work together because something is stirring beneath the earth. Something is about to emerge from a certain spot in Washington, D.C., where the dragon lines of power converge …

Find out more about the books from my author website or here:

And to all you Jo(e)s out there--have a great day!!!


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