The Ghost of Christmas Past ...

I found this old Christmas promo for The Geomancer’s Apprentice series. It made me smile. What a difference a year makes. 

My dog Oreo is now 14. A little older, a little stiffer. I'm not sure he's any wiser, but he's as lovable as ever.

He’s a rat terrier, beagle mix. We got him from a dog rescue group when he was six months old. He’s good-natured and smart, and quickly settled into our household routine. He doesn’t always listen, but he’s one of the most loyal dogs I’ve ever had.

As for the books, I’ve updated the covers for Books 1 and 2. I also released Book 3, The Corpse Ritual.

By this time next year, Books 4 and 5 should already be out.

Here’re some of the Christmas ads I'm running this year. They make me feel merry. Writing my books and seeing them in print is a dream come true for me.



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