A Hat Tip to Halloween Decorators Everywhere

As part of my Halloween countdown, I’d like to give a shout-out to people who go all out in decorating their homes and yards for the spooky season.

They must be fans of the genres I love—urban fantasy and horror.

Halloween decorating is a sign of how much people want mystery and magic in their lives. For one or two weeks in the year, we can pretend we live in a world populated by witches and warlocks, or ghosts, or giant spiders. As the chill October wind blows and the leaves drift down from the trees, anything seems possible.

I used to love walking the dog in my old neighborhood when it was close to Halloween. Many of my neighbors were enthusiastic decorators. Their decorations ran the gamut from tasteful to deliciously tacky. Some of the offerings were gruesome, while others were adorable and kid-friendly.

Some people decorated on a theme (say pirates or demented clowns). Others threw in everything but the kitchen sink. One of the neighbors even rented a fog machine one year to add to the enchantment of the beautiful scene she created.

I love it all. It’s self-expression, and as much an art form as the written word or painted picture. Many Halloween decorators are no less than skilled artists.

I’ve since moved to the country, where there are more cows and sheep than people. I miss my wonderful, wacky neighbors.

I hope you’re enjoying the season!


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