'The Chase': A Horror Story From the 'Joss Paper' Collection

Joss Paper is my new collection of horror short stories now available on Amazon. “The Chase” is one of the stories in the collection. 

If you enjoy the story, please check out the book! It's priced at $0.99 and is free on Kindle Unlimited.  



The moon brushed the edges of the trees with silver. She ran swiftly, trying to make as little sound as possible. Foliage whipped her face and tangled in her hair; vines on the ground rose up and caught at her feet. Nature seemed to be trying its best to slow her down.

She could hear the man’s pounding footfalls nearby. So close. He was so close. She quickened her pace.

The footfalls stopped abruptly. She halted as well and listened intently. A night bird hooted. Crickets thrummed; bats squeaked above her in their drunken dance. The jungle was alive with noises, but she couldn’t hear him. Where was he?

A rustle so furtive she almost missed it. Dry leaves crackled. A pebble clicked against another. Her muscles tensed. She crept behind a tree and leaned against its gnarled bole, her body so still she might have been the tree’s shadow.

The undergrowth stirred. The leaves parted and the man’s head poked out, turning this way and that to try and spot her. She pressed even harder against the tree. Her limbs quivered with tension.

He was coming toward her. He was so close now she could smell him. His ragged breaths filled her ears. Adrenaline surged through her.

He saw her a split second before she leaped. His terrified yelp was silenced when she plunged her talon-like nails into his chest and ripped out his heart.

After feasting, she slunk back to her lair. She slept, dreaming about the next chase. 


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