Netflix’s “Sweet Home”: Action-Packed Monster Fest That Celebrates Humanity

I was pleasantly surprised when I watched Netflix’s "Sweet Home." I didn't expect to be so riveted. The Korean drama had quite a few heart-pounding moments as well as parts that tugged at the heartstrings. The 10-episode TV series revolves around monsters, but it’s ultimately about how people can rise to the heights—or sink to the depths—of humanity when faced with unimaginable horror. And sometimes, the ugliest monsters turn out to be the noblest of superheroes.

The drama centers on the residents of a decrepit block of apartments. One day out of the blue, they find themselves locked in the block. When they attempt to break out, they discover that the world outside is filled with savage monsters. Even worse, some of the monsters are locked in with them. They have to find a way to work together and survive.

The monsters are a mashup between the horrors from Resident Evil and stuff from the mind of H.P. Lovecraft. For example, one monster resembles a giant spider with legs that end in pointy claws while another is a 30-foot colossus with skin that looks like cement. It turns out the monsters actually are infected people, although it’s never clear what they’re infected with. Their “monsterization” somehow is a manifestation of their desires. The military is involved in some way.

The individuals know they’re infected when blood gushes out of their nostrils. Only a few are able to withstand their inner beast and refrain from killing other people.

There are a few tropes in the series: the teenage outcast; the gangster with a heart of gold; the disillusioned veteran; the greedy shopkeeper; the fervent Christian who was an alcoholic. Nonetheless, the writers have given the main characters complex backstories and tried to flesh them out. You can’t help but care and root for them. I was also pleased that some of the series’ strongest and most interesting characters are women.

The last episode ends on a cliffhanger. Netflix hasn’t yet indicated whether there will be a Season 2. I sure hope there will be.


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